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Delivery of Info Packs

posted Aug 8, 2010, 11:05 PM by Site Editor   [ updated Aug 8, 2010, 11:33 PM by Unknown user ]
The new RRL information pack is making its way into the hands of residents and traders this afternoon.
The pack contains:
  • Personalised letter to the property owner, from Mr Corey Hannett, Executive Director, RRL
  • 'Frequently asked questions' booklet (11 pages) - can be downloaded online from RRL site
  • Map of indicative alignment (single A3 format, covering approx 200x150m area).
  • 'Overarching Timeline' (single page)
  • RRL contact information (single page)'
The packages are tailored for each property location (map and letter).

The RRL team will hand deliver to all of the houses that received the original 'letter of interest to acquire', plus to the group of properties that the Minister agreed to include in a purchase offer (the 'stranded' homes). A further 7000 information kits will be distributed further afield, although these would not contain all of the information provided in the personalised kits.

The packs are just hot off the press, so there's no comment yet on the quality of the material just.. This is just an update to say the material has arrived.

It is an achievement in itself to finally gain any kind of written information on the RRL project at all - a win for common sense and group action!