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New designs for Footscray and Sunshine Stations

posted Oct 25, 2010, 4:17 PM by Unknown user

On the 20th October, the Minister for Transport, Martin Pakula put out a media release on a new design plan for Footscray station.

The new design appears to involve a major reworking of the just recently built footbridge, including the installation of escalators. The government is jumping quickly before the election to head off negative comment about the current footbridge. The footbridge has been widely criticized for its steep stairs and ineffective roof. There was also a serious safety problem identified early on with reflection from the bridge causing problems for train drivers.
It beggars belief that the original station redevelopment project and the RRL project have been so poorly coordinated that the original station plans will be abandoned and the expensive new footbridge rebuilt almost before its paint dries.

For details, go to RRL website
For the Minister's media release, click here