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RRL plans go to Minister for Planning

posted Sep 6, 2010, 8:08 PM by Site Editor   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 12:58 AM ]
The Regional Rail Link Project has lodged its Environment Effects referral to the Minister for Planning. The material comprises the referral document and 14 supporting documents.

Affected residents are still digesting this material and the implications of the final proposed track alignment.

The final alignment sees most of the Buckley St houses fully acquired and several houses reprieved. Despite claims by the DoT that the alignment changes are the result of community consultation, any change came about only through strong community action and ongoing media coverage prompting the intervention of the Premier and Transport Minister.

The 'Community Consultation Report' gives an indication of the cavalier way in which DoT has treated affected residents throughout this process and of the poor methodology used in this kind of reporting. Affected residents went to great effort to produce a number of group submissions, each signed by as many as 45 residents. These submissions were effectively struck from the final report because of a decision to count these as equal to a single submission. In the words of the report authors, "Note that submissions that contained multiple signatures were counted as one response for analysis".

See the referral documents in full at the RRL web site.