What We Want

The FFRR group does not oppose the RRL project. Our people are generally strong supporters of further rail development. We believe that it is entirely possible to have better train services and thriving, healthy communities near railway corridors, and we hope to see the RRL project implemented as an example of best practice in this respect. We ask simply that those impacted negatively by the project be treated fairly and respectfully, and that the future health and liveability of Footscray not be sacrificed on account of poor project planning and implementation.


We want clarity on the project and how it may affect us. The Government and the Regional Rail Authority failed to inform residents and business owners at the beginning of the project and have continues to stumble in this regard ever since. Affected community members have had to chase information at every stage, see: Questions to the Minister #1 and Questions to the Minister #2), plus the long list of news items.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report


Nobody should be treated this way. The government and Department of Transport have trampled over affected residents and traders as if we don't matter. The almost total lack of advance notice shows great disrespect, as did the appalling way in which the acquisitions were announced, as well as the ongoing failure to inform and consult.


Real people are affected here. This is not just a discussion about property values and compensation dollars. Long-term residents (some living here 40-80 years) and newer residents alike stand to lose family homes as a result of this project and many of us are also deeply worried that we will also be forced from our community. Those of us not facing acquisition are uncertain about the future health issues highlighted in a previously secret Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report on RRL noise, vibration and air quality impacts. 

Contact DoT to voice your concerns:
  • by email: rrl@transport.vic.gov.au
  • by phone: 1800 107 92
  • via the online feedback form
  • in person: Transport Projects' Info Hub, 92 Nicholson Street Mall, Footscray